IT-Centre "SP-Service"

A personnel of IT-Center "SP-Service" are certified professionals with more than 10-years-old experience and high technical education in industry of information technologies, automation, programming and computer engineering.

Basic work of our company assignments are introduction, installation and service support of information technologies in all of activity spheres, in particular in business. Our purpose is to help you to simplify and perfect your activity.

If you have open questions relatively to:
- automation of Your business,
- acquisitions of new or improvements of existent IT-resources (IT-equipment),
- creation or expansions of computer network, - repair, service or tuning of computer equipment,
- installation of videosupervision-system,
- development, introduction, advancement and advertising of Web-sites
then call or mail to us and our specialists, carefully studying Your questions, necessarily will offer optimum for you solution.

We guarantee quality and reliability.


Full maintenance service and repair of the computer equipment and peripheral units. System and software tuning. System optimization.


Complex automation of business.

LAN. Internet. Network installation, administration and adjustment.

Videosupervision systems.

WEB-DESIGN. Hosting. Creation, advancement and support of Internet-projects.

Informational databases. 1C products support.

Refilling of cartridges for printers.

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